Unsolved Mystery

Scenario 1: Girl meets guy.  Girl likes guy.  Girl is sweet, friendly and shows guy she likes him.  They have a great time together.  Guy seems to like her too.  Then suddenly, guy is different and isn’t being as sweet and attentive as he was a week ago.  Girl hardly hears from guy…no texts or calls like in the beginning.  After some time, she moves on and meets other guys.  She’s no longer interested in this guy.  Now guy is suddenly texting and calling again and wants her attention (this actually happened to me).

Scenario 2:  Girl meets guy.  She likes him but doesn’t feel that chemistry, maybe can be friends?  Guy likes girl.  Guy texts and calls frequently, tells her how much he likes her and wants to see her.  Girl delays her responses to his texts, doesn’t answer her phone when he calls and turns him down when he asks to go out.  Still guy persists and pursues girl (this also actually happened to me).

These are both all too familiar scenarios that happen quite often in the dating world.  It is an unsolved mystery that my friends and I just can’t quite understand.  Men will say over and over they don’t like games.  They don’t like women that “play hard to get”.  Ok men, then why is it when you have us, you don’t want us, but when you don’t have us, you do??  It never fails that the men I actually want are the ones that are not ready, not emotionally available, or whatever the issue may be.  The one I’m just not attracted to or don’t see as more than a friend is always the one that will continuously pursue me.  Men are hunters right?  They enjoy the thrill of the chase.  So is it safe to assume we have to play along?

I am on a quest, a mission if you will, to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.  I’d love to believe that I don’t need to play hard to get, but with my experience (and that of some of my single friends), it seems to be the only way to go.

Wish me luck!



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